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Patient portal is a web-based communication tool that provides a suite to track and follow, collaborate/work together, manage and administer health/every day lifestyle profile in a comprehensible interface, as in more detail, these are healthcare online practical application programs that permit patients for to seamlessly interact and intercommunicate over with their healthcare providers, viz. doctors/physicians and the hospital care units etc. These hi-tech Patient Portals allow patients correspond with their physicians, as the tool/application provides them the right of entry to vital medical information pertained to them over the Internet. We discovered out from our other sections about Patient Portal services (patientportal), which are generally accessible over the Internet, throughout, and there are some patient portal applications available that subsist as separate entity/website, and extend over services to the healthcare providers. The patient specific program modules are generally affixed on to Electronic Medical Records (EMR), maintained by the healthcare organization, as through the module both patients and doctors get to stay in touch over the Internet. This segment of MedicExchange has comprehensive data about some of certified and accredited Patient Portal Vendors from different parts of the globe that cater to the demand of the sector through hi-tech, fully customized Patient Portal Software and solutions.

Through patient portals - the patients get to seamlessly register and complete online forms, which shorten their unnecessary visits to hospitals and clinics, saves them time and money; they get to check their medical history on-line, send/receive messages to-and-from their care provider/medical office, conduct web consultation, check on their examination/laboratory results, schedule appointments, inspect out current and previous healthcare/medical statements, and get hold of patient specific educational resources and materials. The 24x7 accessibility to the Patient portal makes them easily access to their vital healthcare/medical information, at ease from anywhere in the world, be at home, or office, as this helps to maintain privacy and confidentiality of their healthcare/medical case sheet.

Care providers, on the other through advance Patient portals – get to search at ease for patients for their demographics and complete report, medical records, securely correspond with their patients, to inspect and analyze out their case histories, can submit instantly patient-specific imaging and laboratory examination results for their perusal, send for reminders and notices, submit over/upload patient approval forms, attain referral requests, schedule patient appointments, and pass on appropriate patient-specific educational materials for to educate them on health issues they are affected with.

Plenty of users have made the most of our easy-to-use catalog for their extensive need of Patient Portal Solutions from some of world-renowned Patient Portal Companies, situated in different parts of the globe, and you can even derive benefit just like all of them on the technology through various Patient Portal Vendors available with us, for to automate workflow in your healthcare facility, for to improve on efficiency, and care.

Besides, other than your gains on a choice of Patient Portal Software from the best of Patient Portal Company, you can even stop over for few of EMR Whitepapers, and EMR Webinars, available with us, to stay restructured on the related concepts of the sector.

Care Converge

Care Converge is the leading provider of best of breed healthcare portal solutions.

Cyfluent, Inc.

Cyfluent provides easy-to-use electronic health record (EHR), practice management (PM), and personal health record (PHR) solutions


DigiDMS is an integrated Medical Information Management Company, which offers Electronic Health Records (EHR), Medical Billing, and Transcription Services.

Hello Health

Hello Health provides the Patient Management platform and the professional services that allow practitioners to build stronger patient relationships, automate their processes, increase revenue and take control of their practices.


Owned and managed by physicians and technologists, iPatientCare or MCS is known for the innovations in healthcare IT market space and excellence in software engineering.

PriMedx Solutions

PriMedx is company that provides a variety of integrated technology solutions for doctors and other healthcare professionals


Radysan is a leading provider of Integrated Clinical Software Management solutions, which help medical practices, enhance patient care, improve efficiency, increase operational control and maximize revenue potential.