Scribe Healthcare Technologies

Scribe Healthcare Technologies

The Scribe medical documentation platform offers leading edge technologies for dictation, transcription workflow, voice recognition, digital signature, archival, and HL7 integrations with EMR/EHR.

Dictation is available via telephone, digital recorder, or iPhone/iPad/iTouch. The Scribe Mobile dictation app delivers your schedule, patient/ToDo list, and control to your mobile device. Upload voice files via 3G/4G or WiFi. There is no limit to the number of dictators or your growth. 

Scribe offers the most advanced platform with the M*Modal Speech Understanding technology. Two key benefits include cost reduction and seamless delivery of your document in both pretty (MS Word/html) and structured CDA format.

Review, edit, and digitally approve your records with a PC, Mac, iPad (Tablet), or Smart Phone. Scribe’s html editor is optimized to excel in the mobile computing world.

Choose Scribe to help achieve “Meaningful Use” without negatively impacting your productivity. See the Scribe Video on YouTube



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