Bay Area Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Selects Patient Chart Manager EMR from Prime Clinical Systems

Bay Area Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine selects Prime Clinical Systems' Patient Chart Manager.

When Bay Area Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine opened its doors early last year, the practice's founding physician and staff realized that they needed to quickly get on a different road to reap the benefits associated with computerization. To do so, the practice quickly swapped out a faltering electronic medical records system for Prime Clinical Systems' Patient Chart Manager.

\"We learned that not all electronic medical records are created equal,\" says Sheila Cook, office manager at the Vallejo, Calif.-based practice. \"We were three days into the implementation of the first system and we realized that it simply couldn't do many of the things that the vendor said it could do. It could not do simple things such as scan in images and send a fax order. It is stressful enough opening up a new practice. We really didn't want to have to deal with a medical records system that was not working as we had planned.\"

As a result, Cook started researching various electronic medical records (EMRs) in search of one that would offer what the new practice needed. After narrowing the candidates down to just a few systems, she chose Patient Chart Manager. The electronic medical records system, which has been approved by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT), offers a full array of functions including appointment scheduling, charge posting, care-planning, electronic prescription management and digital document and image management. The software also works well with voice recognition and dictation applications.

With Patient Chart Manager, paper documents are scanned directly into the electronic record. The software automatically generates a barcode for each document, making it possible for these documents to be placed into specific electronic patient records without any manual staff intervention. Data from other information systems is accepted via a variety of interfaces including HL7 connections. As such, users can get all needed information from one location, instead of retrieving data from multiple locations.

What ultimately distinguished the system from others was its ease of use. The fact that it offers electronic records that closely mirror the paper records that users were already accustomed to made Patient Chart Manager especially appealing.

\"We were able to customize the system and construct electronic charts that looked very similar to the paper charts that clinical and administrative staff members were used to,\" Cook says. \"It is very user friendly and easy to learn. When you are opening up a new practice, everyone on the staff is busy. Taking a lot of time out to learn a complicated new computer system simply is not something that you want to have to do. It simply adds stress to an already stressful situation.\"

Simultaneously installing Prime's practice management system, Intellect, made it even easier to get the practice off the ground. Because the systems are integrated on a single database, information flows seamlessly, enabling staff members to manage the medical practice from both a clinical and operational perspective, according to Cook.

Specific benefits from this automation quickly rolled in as staff members learned how to use the systems in just one week. For instance, all pre-registration work can be completed electronically before patients come to the office. As a result, patients do not have to come in an hour before they are scheduled to see the doctor just to fill out paperwork, making it possible for the practice to see 15 to 20 new patients a day.

\"With these systems in place, we are able to put all of our energies into launching the practice the right way. Our operations are running effectively. But most importantly, our clinical staff is able to provide the ultimate care and service to our patients because they have the information needed to make informed decisions right at their fingertips,\" Cook says.

About Bay Area Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine
Bay Area Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine is a specialized medical practice providing comprehensive care for musculoskeletal injuries and disease. The Vallejo, Calif.-based practice offers all of the latest treatment options for orthopedic care.

About Prime Clinical Systems
Prime Clinical Systems, Inc. is a medical software company headquartered in Pasadena, California. Founded in 1983, the company's proven products, services and innovative advances have made it one of the fastest growing providers of health care software systems in the nation.

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