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Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) is a tomographic imaging method in nuclear medicine that utilizes gamma rays for examination of body, for interventions. SPECT scans are akin to traditional nuclear medicine planar imaging, through utilization of gamma camera, and provide for 3-dimensional information, on procedure.

SPECT scanning makes use of radioactive material and advanced gamma camera to yield images of organs in a body. Unlike X-ray where internal body organ structures are displayed in 2-dimensional format, in SPECT imaging, the images are displayed out in 3-dimensional format, which shows actual working of human body organs. Through SPECT scan, blood movements to heart and/or regions inside brain can be visualized, which are more and less active.

SPECT imaging is advocated for subsequent disorders, of heart, brain, and for cancers, as well. On SPECT scanning, radioactive tracers are instilled in to patients for the process. Though SPECT scan is safe, it is not recommended for pregnant and breast feeding women, so that they remain unaffected by all means of radioactive tracers. Radioactive tracers vary per specific procedure and part of body to be scanned.

After injection of radioactive tracers/dye, SPECT Products facilitate for scanning of different parts of the body. SPECT machine with advanced gamma camera gauges the radioactive substance absorbed by body organs/structures. The captured images are processed through computer, for generation of 3-dimensional images, for enhanced visualization. The suspected regions in the body absorb more radioactive substance, than healthy ones, which indicates radiologists the regions on diagnosis for interventions.

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