7 Ways To Change A Child’s Bad Behavior

Lousy behavior towards others is now a common problem seen in children. Naughty and impulsive childish behaviors are all tolerated by parents mostly. However, tantrums cannot be accepted for any cause. Some of their actions seem to be challenging and extremely difficult for the parents to handle. We cannot blame it on children as many of the reasons for it are understandable and acceptable.

But, if we try not to stop them from showing these behaviors in front of all, it can spoil the kid’s future life. The strong-willed behavior of children is difficult but not impossible. You can try many methods and succeed in changing your child’s bad behavior.

Child's Bad Behavior

Try to be calm and patient while dealing with children, as your slightest temper may affect your children. The most important thing to be noted by all parents is that your behavior to certain things decides children’s behavior. They watch you and learn, so be careful to control your behavior dealing with things in front of them.

In what ways parenting affect children’s behavior?

Parents are the ones who are mostly blamed for the destructive behaviors shown by children in public. Many factors emotionally affect children that lead them to this kind of improper conduct. Parents do not directly become the cause for it but indirectly do.

The way you treat elders, others will be reflected in your child’s response to emotions. Even if you are useful to everyone outside, but causes quarrel and troubles inside your house, it will indeed affect your child’s behavior. When your children are at their younger ages, try to show them positive and good vibes of home and relationships. Or else it leads to the destruction of their childhood by seeing many problems and unstable relations and may affect your child’s future badly.

Nowadays, divorces and separations from families is a typical scene. These would not harm adults as harshly as children. Seeing their family breaking into pieces will break their tiny hearts and will lead to many behavioral changes. At the age of playing outside, they will be thinking and crying about their family problems. Even a little fight or quarrel between parents fills tears in their eyes. So, try to be fair and show positive things to boost up their little minds.

Some Ways To Change The Bad Behavior Seen In Children

1. Create an understanding trust between your child and you

Creating a particular communication and caring bond between your children will help change their bad behavior. Try to talk to your child at least for an hour a day. You should ask his/her about happenings in school, their friends, classes, etc. If you continue like this, without you asking, they will start to tell everything to you. Try to set up 15 to 20 minutes for the conversation between everyone in the family after dinner. Everyone can hear out each other’s lives.

2. Try to have substantial control over your tone of talking

You must try to speak to your child in a caring and pleasant manner. There is a chance for change in your voice from low to high pitch as you correct your child from mistakes. It may sound like a correction to you, but it may seem harsh and threatening to your child. So, try to have a hold on your voice while talking to children. While correcting their doings, be calm, explain and make them understand everything clearly.

3. Set some rules on your house

Setting some ground rules in your home will create discipline for everyone. All of them in your family have to follow that set of rules, or else children may think of it as a kind of punishment by observing them. You can include time for watching television, playing games, conversation, eating, etc. By following, their behavior change will occur in the right way, and they will be able to behave well outside and have good disciplined habits.

4. Give choices to your children

Giving options to children may seem to be challenging but is suitable for a behavior change. They will feel a kind of freedom while you are giving them choices. If the choice made them goes wrong, they would understand it as they are the ones who chose it. If you are directly telling them about it, they would not understand. Giving choices makes them believe that they also can have some voice.

5. Be always careful about your behavior

Controlling your behavior while talking to children is one of the essential things you must take care of. Your behavioral change may seem threatening and will affect your child. They might show the same thing when they talk to you. Taking care of your behavior is the best while talking to your children. Do not exhibit aggressive behavior or yell at them. Even while correcting their mistakes, be calm, and softly explain to them so that they will be able to understand it quickly.

6. Keep promises and fulfill it

Keeping promises between you and your child will help to grow your relationships. You can make promises related to studies, competitions, etc. And do not forget to fulfill it. When you complete the promise you made, they will be excited and keep working well. You can promise for toys, their favorite food, visiting places, etc. Be careful not to forget your promises done to children. If you did not fulfill it, they would surely lose the trust that they had in you. It may even affect their behavior as they may imitate the same with others.

7. Try to understand your child’s voice

When your child is trying to say something to you, please try to hear it out. Many children cannot talk to their parents as their parents are busy and do not have time to spend. Indeed affect your children’s behavior. They will learn to keep all things in their heart and will be reluctant to share them. So, parents must take some time to hear the voice of their children.

Causes of child’s bad behavior

  • One of the leading causes for it is less attention to your child from you. Today’s daily life has become busy and hectic, so you forget to give your children time. Spending less time with your child may affect your bond. They will be left alone with no one to share their thoughts and happenings. Try not to create this lonely situation for your child.
  • An unstable family can have a severe effect on a child’s behavior. Parents separating each other in front of their children is something harrowing. It can cause badly on their behavior and will destroy their childhood. It can create aggressive and unexpected behavior in your child’s behavior.
  • Getting plentiful sleep is a must for a healthy life; however, children nowadays are not getting enough sleep. Thus, a lack of sleep affects badly on the child’s behavior. It can affect the overall performance of a child, physically and mentally.
  • Nowadays, children are too busy with their games and have less time playing outside. Playing outside is suitable for both health and mind. Today’s children lack many social skills, and that can affect badly on your behavior.
  • As parents are busy with their work and their own life, they cannot communicate with their children. Children will not express anything to their parents as they are busy with their lives, and they feel helpless. The communication gap will affect your and your child’s relation badly. It can also bring changes to their behavior.
  • Faulty diet is now a problem seen as common in children. Replacement of a healthy, wholesome diet with junk foods containing high-calorie content, affecting your health, leading to mood swings. Addiction to these foods often affects your child’s behavior.
  • Technology is growing fast, to catch up with it children use it nonstop 24 hours. These can cause many changes in their lifestyles, which leads to harsh behavior. They learn many things that they should not from many sources on the Internet.
  • Parents try a lot to improve a child’s overall performance in school. Increased competition between kids causes many behavioral changes in your kid. Some parents would not accept their children’s maximum at a particular thing and force them to try harder, causing aggressive and harsh behavior in your child.


Bad behavior in children can cause much harm to their life. If you do not try to change it during their childhood, you would not be able to change it forever. Many reasons are there behind this kind of harsh behavior. Some may be the people around them or some due to lack of communication. Parents, friends, and others may often become a cause for it indirectly. You can change their behavior by mutual understanding and proper communication. The way you behave around other people leaves a note about your character and conduct in their minds. So, try to reduce or altogether change the bad behavior of your child in a proper way.

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