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Computed tomography (CT) scan, also called CAT Scan, is a diagnostic procedure that uses special X-Ray equipment to obtain cross-sectional pictures of the body. CAT Scan CT is a noninvasive medical imaging technique that gives detailed anatomy of internal organs, bones, tissues and aids physicians in to diagnose and treat medical conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, and trauma and musculoskeletal disorders etc.

CT scans are fast, patient friendly and has the unique ability to image a combination of soft tissue, bone, and blood vessels. Computerized Tomography Scan is the workhorse imaging system in most busy radiology departments and diagnostic centers. Since its invention some 25 years ago, CT scans/imaging (CT Products) has seen massive advances in technology and clinical performance. Computed Tomography Scan image provides greater clarity and quality than other imaging techniques like X-Ray or Ultrasonography/Ultrasound. Today, the advance technology of CT Scan enables for diagnosis of a wider array of illnesses and injuries than ever before.

CT Scan has become an important tool in medical imaging to supplement X-rays and medical Ultrasonography. It has more recently been used for preventive medicine/screening for disease, e.g. CT Computed Tomography/Colonography for patients with a high risk of colon cancer, and full-motion heart scans for patients with high risk of heart disease. In cancer, Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT Scans) are used to detect a tumor, as it provides information about the extent of the disease, helps to plan treatment, and determine whether the cancer is responding to the treatment, or not.

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