PHR – PeMedicExchange Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) Directoryrsonal Health Records

PACS – Picture Archiving and Communication Systems can be termed out to be an electronic network that connects manifold imaging modalities, viz. CT, Ultrasound, MRI etc., to computer process units that display/show out diagnostic medical images for doctors/physicians, as is a blend of hardware and software set apart for to store, retrieve, manage, distribute and present over electronic images and related medical data, for review and analysis. PACS Radiology System connects up varied medical image storage and archive components together, and is incorporated with varied Radiology Information Systems (RIS) and Healthcare/Hospital Information Systems. Here the electronic images and related medical reports are broadcast digitally through PACS, which trims down on the requirement for to do up for manual file storage, retrieval, transport etc.!

DICOM is the world-wide format for the PACS image transfer and storage, and for data/information other than medical images – about the scanned records, usually the portable document formats (PDF) can be incorporated together with DICOM. PACS generally is comprised of subsequent components – imaging modalities (MRI, CT etc.), and a secured workstation network for interpretation, review, transmission, and archive of medical images, for storage and retrieval of reports. PACS offers the benefit to deliver out instant and effective access to medical images, for interpretation and analysis, and it outwits other conventional mode of film-based medical image storage, retrieval, display and distribution.

From clinics to medical offices, radiology departments to medical imaging centers, chiropractic office/orthopedic centers to Veterinary, dental and podiatry practices, everywhere the use of PACS is common, and PACS Imaging has evolved out as a vital keystone of the diagnostic imaging practice, in Radiology care units, as it facilitates for to enhance productivity of care provider, work flow and patient care.

The specialized program, of that of PACS Imaging Software upgrades existent PACS Radiology Systems, and companies are galore in the healthcare marketplace that provide advance PACS Systems, and you can surf through our easy-to-use catalog for to benefit on a wide-range of PACS solutions and services that are available from industry-best PACS Vendors, from different parts of the globe. Various PACS vendors that are available even provide fundamental PACS imaging software for free on the internet, and you can derive benefit on that too, through many such companies available in our directory, as to satisfy all your need of PACS medical imaging, picture archiving and communication, for effective Radiology practice – you can definitely rely on these top-notch PACS Companies, available with us.

Hence, explore out for advance quality PACS Systems, whether – PACS Monitoring & Reporting Software, Enterprise PACS/Web Based PACS Systems, or more, as you can even surf for PACS Software by Specialty through us, to gain on a choice of PACS software for radiology picture archiving and communication solutions, for effective data/information backup, storage, for seamless record-maintenance and documentation of medical images/patient pictorial-clinical data, for enhanced productivity and efficiency of care provider. Plenty of users have already benefited through PACS Vendors available in our directory, and you can gain just like them on many of Enterprise PACS Vendors, PACS Neutral Archive Companies, and Specialty PACS Vendors that are available with us, for medical imaging/image management, integrated radiology/seamless clinical integration, and for improved outcomes. (Please refer: PACS Vendors By Country to locate all PACS Vendors from different locations)

Finally, other than your gains on PACS System for effective storage, speedy recovery/retrieval of images, accession to medical images developed through manifold imaging modalities, for concurrent access at varied sites, you can even stop over for our other section of PACS, DICOM Archive, and stay further for few of PACS Whitepapers, and PACS Webinars, to remain updated of the industry.

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