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MRI is an advanced diagnostic tool that uses magnetic energy and radio waves to create detailed images of tissue. The resulting pictures allow veterinarians to see more detailed images of injuries and diseases within pet’s bodies compared to traditional diagnostic tests, such as X-rays. To ensure pets do not move during the sensitive imaging scans, anesthesia is administered prior to the procedure.

Only the best medical care will be sufficient for those whose lives center on their beloved pets, no matter what kind of animal they may be. Dogs, cats, birds, and even reptiles can become quite precious creatures to those who own and care for them. Animal lovers of all types seek out the best veterinary care that money can buy in order to help ensure that their pets will live a long, healthy and fulfilling life. Specialized equipment is often used as a part of this care, such as veterinary mri machines, which operate in the same way that those manufactured for the human species. These innovations in technology have made it possible for animals to live longer and higher quality lives with their human companions.

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