Does a Mental Health Condition Cause Your Anxiety?

Anxiety the emotional feeling of being stay put with a worry or fear of something, a sense of concern for something or fear of something wrong might happen or feel uneasy about something. Anxiety is a mental state condition where people think somewhat fear or worry or stay tense about something.

Anxiousness may arise from different reasons like stressful work environment, family issues, etc. Some people with weak personalities feel anxious about simple matters. A type of mental condition is common in many people. People suffer from many social events that occur around them and affect them mentally, which may trigger being anxious.


One cannot point out the particular factor or reason that makes one feel nervous because this might be because of a change in surroundings, genetically developed. Feel of anxiousness can be triggered by any causes and different for each person. Sometimes, there do not exist any triggers for Anxiety in some people.

Anxiety is an emotional state where people get alert and feel some potential danger is ahead. Reasons that stimulate anxiousness in people are many, and there are many complications regarding the factors that trigger Anxiety. One cannot point out the reasons that boost anxiousness because it changes from people to people and common symptoms are

  • Some people might feel panic, fear, or uneasiness.
  • Some people even feel cold and sweaty suddenly, all hands and feet because of anxiousness.
  • Cannot be able to calm themselves is also a symptom of anxiousness and cannot stop worrying.
  • During Anxiety, the body starts trembling because of fear.
  • Due to Anxiety, some people have sleeping problems as it becomes hard for them to sleep peacefully.
  • Gastrointestinal (GI) problems arise whenever Anxiety comes over, and some people suffer from diarrhea.
  • People may suffer from shortness of breath at the time of Anxiety.
  • Some people feel obsessive fear about a place or thing.
  • People can’t concentrate or focus on the things they usually do.
  • Dry mouth, nausea, and dizziness are some of the symptoms of Anxiety.
  • Some people feel fear and think about a problem repeatedly and unable to stop thinking about it.
  • Some people show hyperventilation symptoms where they breathe quickly and faster than the natural rhythm.

The symptoms may changes from person to person, and at some point, they feel heart pain or a rise in a heartbeat.

Anxiety may exist from physical body conditions, mental conditions, effects of surroundings, the drugs or medication, family issues, financial problems, external factors, etc. The factors that lead to anxiousness are as follows

  • Panic disorder can cause anxiety ware symptoms like heart palpitations, dizziness, and breath shortage. This order may be caused by consuming caffeine, amphetamine, etc
  • In some people, phobic disorders and stress disorders may lead to Anxiety.
  • People can inherit anxiety disorders genetically where this anxiety problem developed in a family through generations.
  • Stressful work, school environment, or environment where it feels more stressful often cause Anxiety.
  • Financial issues sometimes lead to an anxiety problem.
  • Situations like losing someone important or events that affect mentally cause Anxiety.
  • Stressful health issues
  • Side effects of drugs, medication, or treatments.
  • Lack of peaceful and refreshing surroundings.
  • Addiction to harmful and illicit drugs often leads to Anxiety.

Thus many external and internal factors lead to anxiety disorder in people. Some people have emotional trauma, which causes Anxiety out of nowhere.

Is Your Anxiety Caused by a Mental Health Condition

One cannot determine the factor or cause for Anxiety is because of a mental condition, or one of the other reasons mentioned above may be the cause. Stress and Anxiety are the most common occurrences in many people, and they feel a certain amount of stress in their busy lives. Situations in life may changes people-to-people, and a bit of stress and worry can be expected.

It can be considered a normal reaction in the body. Some people feel anxious or stressed about the things about to happen or upcoming situations. Some people need to be ready for project work, meeting important people, giving a speech or presentation or an important event, etc. Feelings of Anxiety and stress the factors indicate that you are suffering from an anxiety disorder. There are some factors or reasons that effects mentally which leads to Anxiety, such as

Specific phobias: phobia, simple it means that fear about something or someone. And some people frightening experience, like people fear staying alone, staying in darkness, etc. Different types of phobias, like some people, fear fire or some people fear water, light, heights, etc.

Different phobias names such as the fear of darkness known as Nyctophobia, fear of water are known as Aquaphobia, fear of height is known as acrophobia. Some people may fear the opposite gender or living things, such as Gynophobia (fear of women) Androphobia (fear of men). When people with phobia face the thing they fear the most, they feel anxious, and MI is a potential panic attack.

Social anxiety disorder: SAD is one of the anxiety disorders where people fear other people, like being judged by others in social situations and fear being around strangers. People with social anxiety disorder feel poor treatment by people around. When such cases are encountered, they start sweating and trembling all over the body, so many people avoid social events or crowded areas. Such people feel anxious when going outside or meeting new people.

Panic disorder: panic disorder one of the reasons that lead to anxiousness in people. When a person feels panic doesn’t mean that they have panic disorder, panic, and Anxiety; symptoms can vary from person to person.

Symptoms like

  • Chest pain
  • Trembling and shaking
  • Heartbeat raising
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea
  • Limbs getting cold
  • Dizzy
  • Uneasiness
  • Restlessness
  • Fear of losing control of the body
  • Sweating
  • Unable to calm themselves, etc.

Are some of the symptoms that occur physically or mentally. Panic attacks out of no way without any reason then gradually becomes normal. One cannot point out the particular ring point for such disorders.


It concludes that there are many reasons for feeling anxious, but one cannot determine the particular cause of Anxiety in a person. It’s common to feel anxious, and the reason may be anything. Mental health conditions can be one reason that leads to anxiousness in some people where their mental illness is unstable.

People’s mental state becomes unstable when they suffer from a fear of losing something or financial issues, or any other stress issues. If the condition becomes severe, it’s better to consult a doctor because people cannot do any work properly because of anxiousness and can’t concentrate on what they are doing.

Some people feel anxious or unstable because not having proper sleep is essential for their mental state. There are some cases where Anxiety occurs without no reason or unknown reason, and it subsides after some time. Sometimes it may persist longer times, like weeks or months.

As mentioned above, anxiety disorder is common, and many people experience such situations. Still, it’s advisable to seek professional help if anxiousness, fear, or worry to prolong for many days. It’s better to solve because it might affect their daily life routine.

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