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Are you one of those who loves chocolate but try avoiding it due to the ingredients present in it, making it unhealthy? Chocolates have high sugar content, which might be dangerous for your body. There are many different alternatives to chocolates available in the market. People prefer different chocolate types like dark, milk, and brown chocolate. Each of them has its unique qualities and ingredients. They might have their other harmful effects, too, depending on the processing, sugar content, etc. But no more! The best alternative to sugar is here – Cacao bliss. Chocolates can be harmful to your health, but cacao bliss isn’t as it has some unique ingredients present in it, which can do wonders, and we are sure that won’t be able to resist it. Let’s read about cacao bliss in detail and figure out how it is different from regular chocolate.

Cacao Bliss

What is Cacao Bliss?

Cacao Bliss is very different from the other forms of chocolates available. Cacao Bliss is a raw chocolate powder that can be used in many different ways. Cacao bliss was founded by Danette May, a fitness coach. We are sure that you might have never imagined that a pack of chocolate can help you live a healthy life. It helps you in getting a powerful and satisfying lifestyle and can be consumed daily. Cacao bliss can be used in different recipes like smoothies, cake, and desserts, as it is present in powder, making it easy to consume. It is a 100% certified organic superfood with no presence of unhealthy sugar.

Suppose regular chocolate can harm your health in any way. Not necessary that other chocolates might also do that same because cacao bliss is one of the safest and most delicious chocolates available in the market right now.

What is Cacao Bliss made off?

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It is essential to understand the making of the product which you are using. Hence, below are the key ingredients used in making the cacao bliss, which makes it completely safe and healthy for consumption.

  1. Cacao: Cacao has to be the very first ingredient used in cacao bliss. Cacao is a crucial ingredient. Caco gives you mental peace, which helps you in making the right decisions. After consumption, oxytocin is produced naturally, which helps you to stay calm.
  2. Flavanols: Flavanols are natural substances that are present in cacao bliss. It produces antioxidants, which help in improving your overall health.
  3. Magnesium: Cacao bliss consists of high magnesium content, which is very important for the human body. It is responsible for the proper functioning of the brain, heart, sleep, and many more. Hence, magnesium is essential.
  4. Turmeric: People use turmeric for decades as an antioxidant. Turmeric is an added ingredient of cacao bliss, which many people still use for different purposes. Turmeric is responsible for cell health and also boosts up the mood. By adding turmeric to cacao bliss, it adds up to the overall goodness of the product.
  5. MCT oil: MCT oil used in cacao bliss is a healthy oil that keeps a check over your weight and might promote weight loss. MCT oil helps in burning the fat present in the body and increases energy levels. Moreover, MCT oil helps in decreasing calorie intake.
  6. Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a pervasive substance used to keep the body’s sugar level in check. Cinnamon is infused in cacao bliss, which maintains the sugar level present in the body and keeps it aligned.
  7. Mesquite: It is a superfood that helps strengthen the immune system without harming the body’s sugar levels.
  8. Himalayan salt: Himalayan salt present in cacao bliss balances the pH level of your body.

These are the main ingredients used in cacao bliss, making it different from regular chocolate and is fit for consumption. All the ingredients have their uniqueness, but when combined, nothing can beat them! Enjoy the goodness of cacao bliss with your comfort and add a healthy diet to your lifestyle.

Benefits of Cacao Bliss

Every product has its unique nature and stands different from the other products. Cacao Bliss also has its benefits, making it a superfood, and you feel suitable for ditching a regular chocolate bar. Below are the key benefits of using cacao bliss.

  1. Helps in reducing the cravings
  2. Promotes the overall health and helps in lowering down the anxiety
  3. Improves metabolism

Cacao Bliss is a superfood helping you fight your health problems without thinking about the harm chocolate causes because cacao bliss is different.

cacao bliss review

How to purchase cacao bliss and pricing?

Cacao bliss packets are readily available on the website, describing every bit of it correctly. You can read in detail and find out any information that you want without any hassle. It is easy to purchase just like you book orders on any other website. Cacao Bliss is available at a different price rate depending on the packets that you want to buy.

  1. One pouch – $59.95
  2. Family pack (Buy four, get one free) – $199.95
  3. Three pouches – $149.95

These prices are available for one-time-offers and might vary from time to time.

Refund policy

Many times we don’t like the product after consumption. We are sure that cacao bliss won’t disappoint you, but still, if you believe that the benefits are not up to the mark or there are any reverse results due to any reason, discontinue it and apply for a refund. It has a 60-day refund policy with 100% money back without any cross-questions. So, you get 60 days from the day the product has been delivered to you to test cacao bliss, see the results, and enjoy it without feeling sad for ditching regular chocolate. Enjoy the cacao bliss and we are confident enough that you will love it.


There are plenty of questions that cross our minds when we try some new products.

In how much time does cacao bliss start reflecting the benefits?

If you are someone who consumes chocolate daily, the benefits will reflect with immediate effects. While on the other hand, it starts showing healthy benefits within 3-4 weeks of use. It can be consumed daily. Regularity plays a vital role. The results might vary depending on how regular you consume cacao bliss.

Is there any preferred time during the day when cacao bliss should be consumed?

There is no set time for consumption. It depends on you whenever you want to take it. You can add it to your morning coffee, smoothie during lunch, or in the desert for dinner. The choice is yours.

Are there any set number of defined scoops that should be taken in a day?

Once again, it depends on you. There is no defined number of scoops that needs to be consumed in a day. It depends on your taste buds too!

Does cacao bliss help in losing weight?

Cacao bliss was not created for weight loss, but if you team it up with a healthy lifestyle, it might show some unexpected results.

Can cacao bliss interrupt my current medication?

There is no clear answer to this question. We would recommend you to visit a doctor and show them the ingredients present in cacao bliss. They might help you with understanding the product better, and you will get your answer.

How many servings are present in one pouch?

There are 30 servings in one pouch.

How many pouches should one order?

It is your call to make. It depends on how frequently you consume cacao bliss in a day. An average person consumes one serving a day.


People around the globe most love chocolates. There are different chocolates available in the market which have their pros and cons. If you feel sad about ditching your regular chocolate because it harms you, cacao bliss is for you. Yes, cacao bliss is the right choice for anyone and everyone who cannot give up on eating chocolates. Cacao Bliss helps in improving your overall health, unlike other chocolates which have high sugar levels. It can be consumed anytime during the day. Cacao Bliss has no harmful effects, even if it is consumed daily. You can use it in any form you like, be it coffee, cakes, smoothies, etc. Cacao Bliss gives you the feel and taste of eating chocolate without passing on the harmful effects. Isn’t this great that you’re getting all the goodness of chocolate in just one packet of cacao bliss?

If you are still stuck between making the right choice and opt for cacao bliss for healthy living, you can visit a doctor and take their opinion regarding cacao bliss. It will give you the best results and won’t let you think twice before ordering your second packet. Cacao Bliss is tasty with a lot of health benefits. You can visit the website to understand cacao bliss better and clear your thoughts. If you don’t like it because of any reason, you can easily place a refund request within 60-days and get 100% money back without any hassle. Order your cacao bliss packet today and avail the best of offers.

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