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Your BMI or body mass index is what decides whether you are overweight or obese or suffer from morbid obesity. BMI is measured when your body weight is divided by the square of your height (in meters). Generally, if your BMI is between 25 and 29 kg/m. sq., then you are considered overweight. Above 30 kg/m. sq. is when you are obese and anything above 40 kg/m. sq. is regarded as morbid obesity. Obesity is increasingly becoming a health problem in the USA, with over one-third of the population coming under this category.

A lot of people in the US today are trying to change their lifestyle to accommodate for a healthier living. From diets to exercises, you might also be among the ones who have joined the weight-loss bandwagon. Even gyms and personal trainers are on the rise with more and more people trying to burn fat away. So, if you want a faster way to burn those calories and lose excess weight, then Custom Keto Diet is just what you need. This diet is a sure way to get back your slender waistline and be fit and that too without having to starve yourself.

Custom Keto Diet

About Custom Keto Diet

You might have gone through a variety of diet plans which may not have worked wonders for you. This is because you might be making the mistake of eating more calories than what your body requires. Another mistake is if you eat too little, as that might affect your metabolism, causing you to put on more weight than lose. When you put yourself on a diet, you must make sure that you count the calories correctly. If most of your calories are coming only from carbs, then you will put on weight.

Custom Keto Diet avoids these common mistakes, including making you go through an unachievable diet. The diet plan was designed by Rachel Roberts, who is a dietician and fitness expert. This is a plan that is tailor-made for your body type. It takes into consideration your food preferences, your target weight, your lifestyle, and more before deciding on the perfect diet plan for you.

Custom Keto Diets are put together by a team of expert nutritionists, chefs, and physical trainers. Their combined efforts will provide you with plans fit for you. Therefore, your body will get the right amount of nutrition and calories while effectively helping you to lose extra weight.

How Does Plan Work?

The term Keto comes from the word ‘ketones’ which is a chemical produced by your liver. When your body is deprived of carbohydrates, which is its primary source of glucose, it starts searching for energy from other resources. This is when your liver starts producing ketones. The primary function of ketones is to break down stored fat to provide your body with the energy it needs to perform.

Your body is said to perform in the ‘ketosis’ state because your brain gets energy from fat instead of glucose to function. Your entire body starts depending on stored fat, which ketones help burn. Studies have shown that this is a more effective way of losing weight than a low-fat diet. You can lose more of your belly fat using a ketogenic diet plan.

Custom Keto Diet is planned as per this theory. It concentrates on decreasing your carb intake so that your body can burn more fat to find energy. This is the reason why you end up losing weight with this 8-week custom diet plan.

Custom Keto Diet Review

How Does The Plan Function?

As you decide to go ahead with the 8-week Custom Keto Diet, the curators will start by asking you to fill in some details about yourself. They will ask you your gender, how active you are daily, your choice of protein, what veggies you like, your age, height, weight and target weight, and so on.

Once you have filled in the required details, you will see a list of things you need like how much your daily calorie intake should be, what your BMI is, how much protein, fat, and carbs you should be consuming, and more. Once you make the payment, you will receive a diet plan which includes easy-to-cook recipes and the portion in which you need to consume your meals.

The plan can be easily altered as and when you like. The Custom Keto Diet plan also takes into consideration your need to eat out and lists down places that are Keto friendly and what you can eat from there. You can even skip a meal, and the plan will automatically alter itself to fit your body requirement.

What Does Custom Keto Diet Include?

  1. An eight-week diet program: A tailor-made plan for you as per your requirements by experts.
  2. An optimized diet: This includes meal plans as per your daily calorie intake.
  3. Customized yummy meals: You don’t have to diet with boring food. Custom Keto diet provides you with some mouth-watering recipes.
  4. Instructions to modify meals: If you want to eat fish instead of eggs, you can alter your diet plan accordingly.
  5. A variety of food: You don’t have to worry about repeating the same ingredients every day. You will get several options in food in this plan.
  6. Easy Recipes: Whether you know how to cook or you are a first-timer, the recipes are straightforward and can be prepared by anyone.
  7. Grocery List: This will let you know what you need to buy and its quantity. So, you can be prepared for the week’s plan with this list.

Is It Safe To Follow The Plan?

Yes, it is safe to follow this plan. There are no risks involved in following this diet as it is custom made for you. Besides, with the involvement of experts, you can be assured that your body will not be under any deficit.

Benefits of Custom Keto Diet

  • Custom Keto Diet provides you with tailor-made recipes. The instructions are detailed in simple language and are easily understood by all. You can follow the steps and cook your meal, even if you are preparing for the first time.
  • The meals included in the plan are delicious. You don’t have to struggle with only tasteless salads and soups to lose weight. Your food will be healthy and tasty with this plan, and you will not feel like you are depriving yourself of food.
  • Custom Keto Diet involves a reduced intake of carbohydrates, forcing your body to find energy from stored fat. This helps in burning the fat in your body safely and naturally.
  • Since your body is low on glucose, it does not need to produce extra insulin. Insulin is one of the factors that may cause hindrance in weight loss as it does not allow fat to burn quickly. Keto Diet ensures that insulin levels are low so that you can burn fat faster.
  • Most diet plans will need you to exercise to burn calories. With Custom Keto Diet, you can be assured that you will lose weight even without exercising. In that way, this plan is apt for those who have a hectic work schedule.
  • You will get numerous health benefits from this plan, such as balanced cholesterol and triglyceride levels, regulated blood sugar levels, etc. Some researchers have also proven that this diet can help in promoting mental health.

Side-effects Of Custom Keto Diet

Custom Keto Diet has no known side-effects. Just ensure that you drink enough water when you are following this diet. You are advised to talk to your doctor before you follow this plan in case you have any pre-existing condition which might cause hindrance. Also, if you feel any side-effect, then stop the program and talk to the curators and your doctor.

Purchase And Price

You can purchase your 8-week Custom Keto Diet plan from their official website. The creator is currently offering a discount, and prices have dropped from $67 to $37. There are no additional charges involved. Also, you will get lifetime access to the plans, so you can follow the diet whenever you want.

Custom Keto Rachel Roberts Diet

Money-back Guarantee And Refund Policy

Custom Keto Diet comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you have followed the 8-week program and haven’t seen any noticeable change in you, then you can get a 100% refund. You will have to contact Rachel Roberts via email or phone call within 60-days from purchase and get your refund, no questions asked.


  1. Does the 8-week plan work?

Custom Keto Diet has been designed by experts and as per every individual’s body requirements. This plan does work as it has been scientifically proven that a ketogenic diet helps in burning fats.

  1. Who is this diet for?

This diet is for everyone who is looking for a healthy way to lose weight. Both men and women can safely follow this diet and lose weight and get back into shape.


  • The meal plans are editable, and you can substitute one meat or veggie for another or skip a meal and adjust the calories in the others.
  • Once you pay for the 8-week plan, you get lifetime access to the meals.
  • The meals suggest food that you can order from selected keto-friendly restaurants.
  • You can follow this plan even when you are on vacation as you get online access to the meals and recipes.
  • The 8-week Custom Keto Diet comes at an affordable price.
  • The diet comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Custom Keto diet may require a will power for you to keep away from carbs, especially for bread lovers.
  • They do not have any plans that can be customized for vegans.
  • The diet may not have the same effect on everyone as each body differs from another. This is why there is no exact way to measure the efficiency of the diet plan.

Customer Testimonials

I had tried a low-fat diet initially, but it wasn’t working on me quick enough. I didn’t know how else to lose weight as I had a hectic work life and no time to fit in any workout. When I heard about the Custom Keto Diet, I couldn’t wait to try it out.

The meals were yummy, though initially, I did crave a little for some more carbs. But within the week, I got used to this diet plan. I saw changes in my body by the end of the 4th week, and by the 8th week, I had lost a considerable amount of weight. I am delighted with this diet plan. – Kathleen Web, 35, Philadelphia

The Custom Keto Diet really worked wonders on me. I not only lost weight but found this surge in my energy levels. I didn’t have to bother counting calories and watching what I ate anymore. These meals came with calorie count and portion control. All I had to do is cook and eat and watch my body-fat melt-away. An excellent plan for those who want to lose weight without a strict diet or rigorous workouts. – Tina Criddle, 37, Arizona


While trying to lose excess weight to stay fit is an excellent way to take care of your health, doing it in the right manner also matters. Eating the right number of calories makes a lot of difference, but they have to come from the correct source too. If you cannot fit in a workout routine in your daily life, or if you are tired of counting calories, then you must give Custom Keto Diet a go.

This diet plan is made differently for each individual as per your body needs. For example, say your food intake should not exceed 1600 calories as per your BMI. In that case, your plan will ensure that your meals are divided into the right proportions to fit in these calories. Custom Keto Diet will also take into consideration your likes and dislikes before planning your meal. Now, you don’t have to worry about workouts or crash diets. Just follow your custom plan for a healthier body.

Rachel Roberts Custom Keto  Diet

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