Discover The Effectiveness Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

For centuries men have been associated with power, strength and there will power to do anything in life and lead their family. However, what we miss noticing is that meant to go through hormonal changes just like women. Meant to go through ups and downs in terms of their emotions which could take a toll in the balance of their hormones. This is where doctors look at the level of testosterone hormones in men. Men have a considerable amount of different hormones out of which the male hormone is testosterone. It is the test testerone hormone that gives men their masculine features such as facial hair and the ability to perform better with their partners during the sexual intercourse.

Due to certain lifestyle conditions or genetics or poor health, the levels of testosterone in the male body begins to draw. In such cases, consulting a doctor is the best advice that you should look at. Considering the heaviness of the situation, the doctor might advise any lifestyle changes or might ask you to consider testosterone replacement therapy. Now you might be wondering what this testosterone replacement therapy, isn’t it? We are here to help you understand the effectiveness of this therapy in a very simple manner without any complications. Read on to know more.

 What Is Testosterone?

In simple words, testosterone is the hormone that is produced mainly in the testicles in males. It helps to maintain the following in men:

  • Sex drive
  • Production of sperm
  • Production of red blood cells
  • Fat distribution
  • Density of bones
  • Facial hair and body hair
  • Muscle mass and strength

 What Is The Age Connection With Testosterone Levels?

The natural phenomena is that the testosterone levels are meant to be at its peak during adolescence stage and early adulthood stage. As men begin to age their testosterone levels gradually decline, that is see about 1% decline every single year after you turn 30 or 40.

For older men it is vital to determine the actual levels of testosterone in the body if it is due to normal ageing or A health condition such as hypogonadism.

This disease of hypogonadism is said to hamper the body’s capacity to produce good levels of testosterone hormone. It creates a problem either in the testicles or in the pituitary gland that is said to control the testicles. In such cases testosterone replacement therapy in the form of patches, injections, pellets or gels help improve the signs of low testosterone in men.

 What Is Testosterone Therapy?

Another name for this therapy is androgen replacement therapy – it is an act of therapy that is used to treat male hypogonadism, it’s a condition where the body fails miserably to produce enough hormones with all three that is it a tree gland or brain and testicles. There are certain prescription-based testosterone products that are available to treat this condition and they come in all forms — gels, bills, pellets, injectable solutions.

If a person begins their testosterone therapy, they will have to continue it for the rest of their life. Doctors will also monitor the levels of this hormone every six months or at least once a year.

 Types Of Testosterone Products

Testosterone is a hormone that can be administered even in a skin patch or can also be applied as a cream or eaten as a pill. Let’s have a look at some of the test testosterone products:

  • Androgel and Testim Gels – these testosterone gels are a prescription medication that can be applied on the main skin directly on areas such as upper Rams, abdomen, shoulders. These gels have the capability of in advertently transferring from your body to others which could lead to certain health reactions. Therefore, to avoid any negative reaction, Apply the testosterone gel to skin that is clean, dry, and intact and that can be covered with a cloth thing. Always make sure that you wash your hands with soap immediately after applying the gel.
  • Depo-Testosterone Injections – This injection was approved in the year 1979. It is one of the oldest drugs of its kind that is still available in the market. It is liquid and form and is designed for injection that is given deep into the gluteal muscle. An active ingredient called testosterone cypionate, a white creamy powder is mixed with other ingredients to form a solution. This drug can be purchased in two strengths 200 mg and 100 mg.
  • Androderm Patches – It is a testosterone rich transdermal patch that can be easily applied on skin. These patches work best when they are applied around the same time every night and left in the place for at least 24 hours. Always remember that you need to wait for at least seven days to reuse a spot on which you had applied patch earlier, this goes on to say that you cannot apply patch at the same spot every single day.
  • Android and Methyltestosterone Capsules – Resources mentioned that these capsules have been discontinued however they have been in use to treat both boys and men who have conditions that lack hormone that leads to delayed puberty. In women it is also used to treat breast cancer and stop it from spreading to the rest of the body.
  • Testofen Boosters – Testosterone boosters have been touted to increase the strength, sex drive, and muscle mass in men. The most popular posters are the products that contain a combination of DHEA, zinc, tribulus terrestris, and d- aspartic acid. However, these testosterone boosters come with a lot of side-effects such as increased aggressiveness, cholesterol changes, prostate problems, and increase in risk of cardiovascular diseases et cetera.

Testosterone replacement therapy helps in reversing the effects of hypogonadism. Men believe that they become more vigourous and feel younger because of this therapy it helps improve their sexual function and keeps their energy and vitality levels high. However, there is lack of evidence that proves if testosterone replacement therapy is of any benefit for healthy men. It is always advisable to talk to your doctor about this therapy and understand if it is the right thing for you or not because like all therapies testosterone therapy also poses certain risks and side-effects.

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