Is Turmeric Good For Inflammation And Muscle Recovery?

When it comes to Ayurvedic medicine, there is one particular staple that has to be turmeric. There is absolutely no secret that this Indian spice turmeric possesses a plethora of medicine and therapeutic properties when it is compared with piperine for better absorption. Turmeric also known as document is known to be a very powerful antioxidant that is capable of posting every possible facet of physical and mental health. But is this very turmeric beneficial for inflammation, swelling, and muscle pain? Let’s read this article to understand more.

Considering turmeric for muscle recovery

There are several researches that exist that threw light on how turmeric can help provide relief from several health conditions. We have seen plenty of evidence that suggest how curcumin improves weight loss, diabetes, and blood pressure. Turmeric also helps in supporting liver detox and reduces certain allergy symptoms. In the recent couple of years, several studies have been conducted and the results that emerge from them puts Kirk humans anti-inflammatory characteristics on display. It appears as though there is some precise mechanism of turmeric and the way that it works in order to combat any irritation that a body suffers right from the source. For us to understand how turmeric can really help in muscle recovery, we need to 1st examine why inflammation occurs in our body. Let’s discuss how information is connected to diseases and then we will link this together with so nice and muscle pain.

Understanding inflammation

Information is our body’s immune systems responding to any perceived threat or even an irritant that occurs within the body. When we observe a certain point swelling up or turning red or even becoming painful, that is a sign of inflammation. There is ever increasing evidence that suggests how chronic inflammation is one of the major causes of disease advancement in our body and also the worsening of existing medical conditions. Therefore, it is possible that if we block the inflammatory process, it might serve as a very natural treatment for several illnesses.

There are several reasons that could cause inflammation to rise in our body, some of the factors include:

  1. External injuries or wounds. For example, cuts, scrapes, splinters and so on.
  2. Germs, another name for pathogens such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, or yeast infections.
  3. Radiation or chemicals causing harmful reactions in the body.
  4. Certain chronic inflammatory health conditions such as arthritis, psoriasis, IBD and so on.
  5. Any damage that has been caused to muscle fibers while performing prolonged and strange activities like running, workouts, bodybuilding and so on.

When we ignore inflammation or do not understand what is the cause behind it, it could lead to several negative problems in the body. The potential reactions can also lead to chronic pain, exhaustion, fever, feeling ill.

Why choose turmeric curcumin?

For centuries, we have been seeing substantial progress in the number of case studies to talk about the benefits of using turmeric for the body. In general, curcumin is an effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Whether you are suffering from muscle pain after you have worked out or you are trying to reduce lower back pain or even arthritis, turmeric is that one natural spice that can help your job. When turmeric can help solve chronic inflammatory diseases, then helping with muscle soreness should be a piece of cake, isn’t it?

How does turmeric help with information and muscle soreness?

When you carry out intense exercises, it could lead to muscle damage, fatigue, or even a decrease in your performance. After completing an intense workout, dropping nutrition and rest is very vital to recover and refuel your body. There are several drinks, supplements, fruits, and products that athletes resort to a very speedy recovery and turmeric is one of them. Curcumin that is present in turmeric has been researched in supplement on rodents to determine its effect on muscle recovery and performance. In a study published in the year 2007, researchers investigated several anti-inflammatory properties that curcumin possesses are connected to exercise induced damages. The results of the study confirms that curcumin fastens the recovery process after running.

Active individuals and bodybuilders I like are always on the lookout for ways to reduce their muscle information and improve their recovery post their performance. Fortunately, turmeric supplements come encapsulated and contain a higher ratio of curcumin and this is one of the easiest methods for them. Are suffering from soul muscles or just need a better recovery, if you consume turmeric powder as an addition to your meals, this won’t be enough. This is because turmeric has curcumin but it is very low in content that is approximately 3.14% on an average. Turmeric supplements on the other hand contain large amounts of curcumin and help in better relaxing of the sore  muscles and helps your body recover faster after a workout.

Dosage recommendations

How much turmeric should one take for sore muscles? It is recommended that a small dose of 150 to 250 mg of curcumin per day will help in treating the sore muscles and help in recovering after a workout. It is best advice to take turmeric post workout or just before you hit the bed.

Turmeric is a very flavourful spice and can be added to several dishes that you eat every day or even be consumed as a capsule.

And remember that taking adequate rest post a heavy workout session or a lengthy run can never be replaced with spices, fruits, or supplements. Always ensure that you include a rest day in order to promote muscle recovery and prevent over straining.

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