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Imagine working hard all day and coming back to bed only to find out that your partner is a loud snorer, not so pleasant, is it?

Snoring is a result of upper airway obstruction and is your body’s way of keeping up with the breath that is obstructed. Sleeping next to a person who snores is no less than a nightmare, except you won’t be sleeping while going through it.

Snoring is more than just an annoying habit; it’s a health hazard. The person who snores has difficulty breathing while asleep, and sleep quality is also reduced. More often than not, such people are sleep deprived.

While a sleep-deprived person can still manage for a day or two, but always losing your sleep over a long period can mess up your whole system.

Snoring habit can be very unpleasant for your bed partner as well. Nobody likes to sleep next to a loud atrocious noise every single night.

If you or your partner has a habit of snoring, you are in the right place! SilentSnore is an anti-snoring appliance that is made to make your life better and smoother.

silentsnore review

About SilentSnore

It is an excellent escape from a surgical approach towards treating snoring or sleep apnea. In simple terms, SilentSnore makes nasal devices that look like nose rings except that these rings are placed inside your nostrils, not over them.

These tiny rings prevent discomfort and are very pleasant to sleep with. Its small and compact design adds to its ease of use. You do not have to worry about its fitting either as its flexible material lets it fit every size of the nostril.

Made with a highly compatible material, these products by SilentSnore are non-toxic and non-irritant. These are made up of silicone and are designed for your comfort.

Since the device is placed inside your nostrils, hygiene is of primary concern, and keeping it in mind, the company has come up with a simple, reusable design that can be easily cleaned and sanitized. The device also comes with a plastic case that can be used to contain the appliance when not in use.

The rounded ends of the appliance keep your nostrils open, thus facilitating a more relaxed and deeper nasal breathing. This device is meticulously designed for you to alleviate your sleeping problems and helps you get a deep, rejuvenating sleep.

Why do you need it?

This is a cut-throat competitive world, and the lives are moving at such a fast pace that we hardly get any time to think about ourselves and the misery we are going through. While your mind might skip the general well-being part, your body won’t.

If you have been snoring for an extended period and you have been choosing to ignore getting any form of treatment for it, your body is slipping into a slow but progressive long term disease.

While snoring is considered as healthy as a cough and cold, its outcomes just cannot be overlooked. In recent studies, snoring has been associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases in adults over forty years of age.

It is common sense that sleeping is a state of complete rest for the body. All the bodily functions are carried out at a much slower pace. In such a state of rest, if the regular breathing of an individual is obstructed, your whole body ends up being disturbed for the night.

A body that isn’t well-rested is unlikely to deliver well the entire day, and this is why a simple-looking habit can also end up ruining your career and future.

Snorers are also adamant people to sleep with. Habit for one becomes a punishment for others, and that’s just cruel. You do not only disrupt your sleep quality by loud snoring but also make your partner feel like they are sleeping in a massive metal band concert.

Instead of going by the notion of taking snoring lightly, access the severity of your situation, and take action because if you don’t, it’ll eventually affect your and relationship in every way.

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How does it work?

Snoring can simply be characterized as a vibration of the airway, and the throat muscles during the individual is asleep. Technically the person is supposed to breathe easy, with no obstruction, but due to various factors, the person’s airway can be obstructed.

Although reasons like excessive, floppy tissues and tongue-palate relationships are also accountable for snoring, more often than not, this habit is associated with airway obstruction due to nasal constriction.

This nasal constriction can be due to labored breathing, deviated nasal septum, or even because of its natural form. The anti-snoring device by SilentSnore targets this problem accurately and is proved highly successful in overcoming it.

This appliance looks very similar to a fancy nose ring, but its positioning is slightly different to give you the best results. Made up of silicon, the two rounded ends of the ring are placed in the nose such that it widens your nostrils and thus creating more space for the air to easily pass.

Once the root cause of snoring, that is, airway obstruction, is alleviated, the habit is highly likely to diminish slowly. This device has been highly successful in most chronic snorers and is an excellent choice for you if you necessarily want to escape the surgical treatment for snoring.


SilentSnore review

What are the benefits of Silent Snore?

  1. Improves the quality of your sleep.

Sleeping is our body’s way of replenishing the energy lost during the day and to charge for the next day. However, snorers tend to have a night of disturbed sleep due to the obstruction in their nasal cavity. This disturbed sleep, in turn, leaves them feeling lethargic and irritated all day. SilentSnore anti-snoring devices are very well made to help you sleep better at night. With their smooth breathing action, they make it easier for your body to be at rest all night long.

  1. It saves you from falling into the deep pit of depression.

Depression is a nasty monster that is slowly eating away massive portions of our society. While stress at work is high enough to put you at risk of depression, you do not want sleep deprivation to be a reason too. Lack of proper rest to your mind and body over a long period will lead to anxiety and loss of interest in activities that used to intrigue you before. Both these symptoms are most commonly associated with depression. To save yourself and your loved ones from this dreaded condition, you need to make sure that your body and brain are getting proper rest and one way to ensure that is by using anti-snoring devices.

  1. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disorders.

Although for a long time now, snoring is considered to be next to the normal thing, and nobody was concerned about the effects it might have. But after the recent studies that has been carried out, it can be concluded that the habit of snoring can be held accountable to a wide range of cardiovascular diseases. Melatonin helps balance the sleep-wake cycle of your body, but when your body is awake when it is supposed to be sleeping, things start getting messed up. In response to the wake signals, your body becomes highly alert when it was supposed to be at rest. This highly alert state is characterized by high blood pressure, which eventually leads to several cardiovascular disorders.

  1. Saves your bed partner from a night of discomfort.

It is often noted that the person is usually unaware of his/her habits, and thus the bed partner is the one who suffers. Save yourself the embarrassment of being labeled as ‘tough to sleep with’ or ‘horrible snorer’ and get these anti-snoring appliances from SilentSnore.

Price of Silent Snore anti-snoring device

For a product this brilliantly made and delivered to you, the price of it is startlingly affordable. Affordability and accessibility are the two keys of the brand, and they stand firm on it.

The price of a single piece of anti-snoring appliance is $49.

The price of two pieces of the anti-snoring appliance is $69 that round up to only $34.

The price for four pieces of this device is $123 that accounts for only $30 per device.

In addition to such surprisingly low prices, the official website also conducts times to flash sales in which you can get amazing offers like buy two get one free and so on!

As for the purchase, the sale of this product is only through the official page of SilentSnore. This product is not available in offline drug stores.


Side effects of the anti-snoring device

Silent Snore has been making anti-snoring devices for a long time now, and no such adverse effects have been documented.

However, some people might experience mild discomfort at the beginning of their experience with anti-snoring devices as they are not used to the feeling of having something in their nose while they are asleep. This is mostly just a temporary thing, and people usually get through it and see amazing effects on the quality of their sleep.

What do the customers say?

It is always a good idea to take a bit of advice from someone who has been through the experience before you jump on to investing in it. Below listed are some of the happy customers of SilentSnore.

I have been using SilentSnore’s anti-snoring device for one month now, and all I have to say is, it’s a freaking gem! works so great, I have been sleeping like a baby and working like a beast! ~ Nelson.

Purchased the product from their website, wasn’t very sure about it at first. The first one week to ten days into using this device wasn’t as comfortable as I had anticipated as I felt like the device is really sticking to my nose, but once I settled into having that feeling, it was terrific. I am very happy that I bought it. ~ Ryan

My husband was a heavy snorer, and his snores certainly gave me sleepless nights. I order this anti-snoring device from SilentSnore and insisted him to use it. He was reluctant at first due to its positioning, but with time he got used it and is a fan now! ~ Rose.


The bottom line

Silent Snore is a brand that is dedicated to making the quality of your life better. Sleep is as essential as any other aspect of your day, and the rest that you get must be enough for your mind and body to relax and rejuvenate so you can have a brilliant next day.

Having said that, some people, unfortunately, are unable to get a decent night’s sleep due to various reasons like deviated nasal septum, excess mucus in airway, and constricted nostrils. Sleepless nights lead to next day lethargy and non-productivity. These are the symptoms that, if not paid attention in time, lead to serious health issues like cardiovascular conditions and depression.

Its time you prioritize your health and well-being more than your job/money or whatever it is that’s stopping you from looking after yourself. SilentSnore has come up with an excellent, highly affordable anti-snore device that will help you improve the quality of your sleep.

The device is made up of silicon and is highly durable and hygienic. One appliance is likely to last you around a year, a year of sound night’s sleep.

If you feel that you or your close ones suffer from the problem of snoring, this would be the perfect gift for them, for there is no greater gift than the gift of health and well being. So go ahead and order yourself the key to a better night’s sleep!

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