How To Combine Exercising And Studying And Why Should You

Exercising has become a part of our everyday lives, well at least for most for us, isn’t it? It is considered to be an active way of leading a healthy life. It helps you get fit, makes your muscles and bones stronger. Oh, and let’s not forget how the skin glows because of all the toxins that our body releases along with the sweat. However, sticking to exercising regularly and diligently is something most of us aren’t able to do in today’s life. It’s considered to be nearly impossible for many to dedicate time to exercising every single day. And this holds very true for the students of the present generation. The world is changing every single day and so is the knowledge that it is exposed to. What you learn today becomes outdated within the next few days. And for aspiring students who want to fulfill their dreams, this becomes a challenge. They give in all of their time to perfect their studies and also learn about what is being added to their expertise subjects every single day. This is just one aspect of worry.

Let us not forget to consider the countless deadlines regarding assignments, projects, and various other tasks that the students have to complete apart from being aware of head-to-toe with their study modules. So, whether you are a lad you are going to enter a university or are already studying in one, it is a hectic endeavor to step upon. You might love your basketball classes or you might simply love stepping out to do a simple workout. Anyways, you end up forgoing it for the sake of your study and grades. However, allow us to point this out to you that this is one of the biggest grave mistakes you are making. For exercising has been proven by many studies to bring in a lot of positives in students’ lives. Exercising regularly is known to improve memory power, the cognitive functions, overall health, mental health—and this will help you be a better paper writer in your exams and help you get better scores too.


This is why we recommend combining studying and exercising for students or whoever is into studying in general. We understand that this translates to multi-tasking, but despite the shortcomings that come along with it, doing more than one thing at a time will keep you benefitted. So, let’s exercise and improve our thinking skills at the same time. Now is the most anticipated question of “How do you do that?” Here’s a simple list that will help you incorporate studying and exercising in your life. Read on.

  1. Go Aerobic For More Brain Power

Several studies talk about how doing aerobic exercises will boost brainpower. It helps you establish connections with what you learn every day and help you remember the new things that you have learned. Researchers also claim that it improves your thinking ability and memory. Even standing upright and studying instead of sitting will boost your brainpower. So, start with just 15 minutes of aerobics and slowly up the time as you begin to feel comfortable.

  1. Listen To Your Notes While Your Work Out

This is a smart way of being active, isn’t it? Record your notes. And listen to it while you’re doing your regular workouts. This will be like a revision for you. And your listening skills also improve which will make you a good listener during your regular lectures at the university as well. You can walk, jog, or even do those push-ups listening to your notes.

  1. Take Small But Frequent Breaks When Your Study

Tired of holding the pen or staring at your laptop screens while studying? Consider getting up and doing some jumping jacks or arm raises for five minutes. This will help stimulate your body and mind. Understand that you don’t need a dedicated 30 minutes to do your exercise at one go. You can do it anywhere in between. The idea is to help you study better while being fitter.

You can take breaks from study and just stretch or walk around your study space as well. You can do different exercises with every break you take from studying.

  1. You Like Walking On The Treadmill? Get Your Notes Along

Walk into your campus gym with notes in your hand. You can walk or run on the treadmill while looking at those notes. You can also listen to them like it were your favorite podcasts. You will definitely remember most of your notes when you walk out of your gym for sure. Once you get comfortable, you can make your workouts more challenging.

  1. Adjust And Find The Right Workout For Yourself

Depending on what you want to study or how much you want to study, adjust your workouts. If you do an intense workout in between studies or while studying, you might not remember much. This is because your body will end up spending more energy on your muscles and heart and not on your brain. Therefore, go for simpler exercises while studying to retain whatever you study. This is a practice and you need to keep practicing till your body and mind are fine-tuned with this practice.

Benefits Of Combining Exercising And Studying

  • Exercising While Studying Boosts Your Learning Capabilities: When you are exercising regularly, this physical activity makes an impact on brain chemistry and reconditions it. This will help in improving your cognitive capabilities. It also improves your lateral and critical thinking.
  • Exercising While Studying Boosts Your Mood: It is crucial to remain enthusiastic throughout your studying time. Keeping a positive mind will help you learn more and retain more. But such a thing is easier said than done, isn’t it? Exercising has been proven to treat depression as well. Therefore, exercising regularly will prepare your mind to get into the right frame for studying and will help you maintain the same.
  • Exercising While Studying Lowers Your Stress Levels: Stress is bad for everything—it could be for your body, your mind, your studies, and even your career goals. As a student, it is very natural to feel the stress of submitting assignments and projects on time, getting good scores in the exams, developing the right skills for your career, etc. The pressure with just keeping up stresses students out.

Engaging in physical activity will fight the stress that the body and mind faces. People who are into regular exercise will naturally be less stressed, more social, and easy-going in nature. Most importantly, it reduces anxiety—an emotion that changes your from a well-balanced being to a psyche being in a matter of a few seconds.

In the end, we’d like to say that you know your life as a student or a studying professional better. You need to explore methods through which you benefit from physical exercises whilst staying updated with your studies as well. This type of multi-tasking will help you understand and lead a smart life. And it will surely contribute in a positive manner in your career path and will help you achieve your career goals in the healthiest way.

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