Mighty Testosterone Is Essential For All

Amongst all the creations that we see around us, there is no doubt that the human body is the most complex and wonderful creation! Each and every single cell of our body has a vital role to play, every organ has its own unique function, and together when they work perfectly is when our body gets its healthy tag!

Another important aspect to look at is that our body consists of a wide range of hormones within it. Every single hormone acts as a kickstart to some of the other vital functions in our body. And in this world of various hormones that exist in our body, there is one particular hormone that is very important for our body to function aesthetically and that is testosterone.

Testosterone supplement

Testosterone hormone is produced in the testicles of men and in the ovaries and adrenal glands when it comes to women. It is very essential for the development of male growth and the characteristics that carry the masculine feathers. When it comes to women, the testosterone hormone is in smaller amounts but it still plays a very vital role in the body its presence is required.

It is said that the amount of testosterone produced in our body increases by 30 times during the early adulthood and adolescence stage and once the early adulthood has been passed, the natural levels of this hormone tend to take a large draw every passing year. Our body is said to be seen at least 1% decline in the percentage of the testosterone hormone after a person has turned 30 years old.

The testosterone hormone is known to play a key role in the following:

  • Sex drive
  • Quality and the mood of life
  • Pubic and facial hair
  • Bones and muscle mass
  • Thinking ability and verbal memory
  • Development of bodies deeper voices

Now we need to ensure that our testosterone levels are not lower than what is tolerable. In case you feel that your testosterone levels are lower than normal, then we recommend that you consult your doctor immediately. Because we feel that as we age it is very normal for us to have low levels of testosterone and some of the symptoms of this could be an increase in body fat, erectile dysfunction, a decrease in muscle mass, etc.

So why is this so important? Read on and we hope you learn something new.

Why Is Testosterone Important For All?

Most of us look at testosterone to be the primary sex hormone and is generally associated with males at birth. There is no doubt that the test testosterone hormone is known to stimulate the development of secondary sex characteristics that are known to be associated with males and are very essential while producing sperms as well. In the case of females, the testosterone hormone is known to keep the reproductive system and bones of a woman’s body healthy and it also contributes to the urge to have sex.

Any imbalance in this particular hormone level in our body can lead to infertility. It is only through a blood test that the levels of this hormone can be measured in all genders.

  1. For a healthy heart and pure blood: We all know that it is a healthy heart that will help pump blood to all the parts of the body it also provides for the masses the organs the oxygen that they need in order to perform well every single day. It is said that it is the test testosterone hormone that helps the production of red blood cells throughout the bone marrow of a body. Lower levels of this hormone are linked directly to innumerable cardiovascular risks. Therefore it is very important to ensure that there is an adequate amount of this hormone in your body.
  2. Stronger bones: The testosterone hormone plays an important role in the mineral density of bones. The bone density is known to decrease in men after a particular age and also the hormone levels begin to drop naturally. This raises the risk of a condition called osteoporosis and weaker bones. The stronger your bones are the stronger they are able to support the internal organs and muscles of the body which helps boost athletic performance.
  3. Lesser fat, more muscles: it is said that this hormone is responsible directly for an increase in the muscle mass of the body. Lean body mass is what helps control the weight and increase energy in the body. For men who have lower testosterone levels, the treatment decreases fat mass and increases muscle strength and size. Men always report a change in the lean body mass but there is no increase in strength. It is more likely that you will see more benefits when you combine strength training and exercise with testosterone therapy.
  4. Better libido levels: A natural rise in the test restaurant levels results in a natural sexual activity or sexual arousal. Men who have higher levels of this hormone usually enjoy greater sexual activity. Older men require more of this hormone so that their erectile function properly and also for that libido. However, it is very important to note that erectile dysfunction can be created because of other conditions for certain medications as well that can lower the level of testosterone naturally!
  5. Better mathematical reasoning, verbal memory, or spatial abilities: Several kinds of research show that men who have higher ratios of testosterone hormone are more inclined to have a reduced incidence of any disease that is related to memory or behavior like for example  Alzheimer’s disease. There exists a very strong correlation between thinking abilities and testosterone levels.

Natural ways of increasing testosterone levels in the body

Some herbs, Foods, and vitamins boost testosterone levels very naturally. However, there are certain ways that do not involve any medications such as eating herbs like Ashwagandha, pine bark extract, Malaysian ginseng, etc. that help boost the testosterone levels in the body.

Also, Foods like oysters, egg yolks, garlic, and tuna also help achieve the same.

If you are looking towards supplements and vitamins, then you need to look for vitamin D, zinc, DHEA, and L – arginine.

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