Why Your Herpes May Not Be Your Partner’s Fault

What is herpes?

Herpes is the most common infection present in your body for a lifetime and will sore your genitals and mouth. It does not give you any serious health problems. Herpes will be annoying and painful somehow, but it is not severe compared to other infections. Herpes has two types, which are oral herpes and genital herpes. Many Americans have this herpes infection because this is a super common infection in American countries. You will find 1 out of 6 people who have this infection in America.

Herpes is caused by different kinds of viruses of two types – Herpes Simplex Virus Types 1 and Herpes Simplex Virus Types 2. The infection of herpes spread throughout the vagina, scrotum, vulva, penis, cervix, mouth, throat, lips, and eyes. Sometimes the infectious person doesn’t know that they have this infection. You have to get tested for confirmation of this infection. You can spread the herpes infection even if you don’t have it. You can’t cure the disease you have, but it will reduce the symptoms and lower the chances of spreading it to other people if you take proper medication.

herpes simplex

How can you get herpes infection?

Herpes is an infectious disease that is spread by quick skin to skin contact. The contact of the infectious part generally applies to your skin. You have to avoid the touch of a contagious person.

This infection is spread usually by oral, anal, and vaginal sex with the infectious person. Besides, when you kiss the contagious person. If you get the skin to skin touch with another person, you will get this infection.

Herpes can pass even if the infected skin doesn’t go into the infected person’s body parts. It is just skin to skin touch of the infected person. You can see infection easily on your vaginal part, oral, and on the mouth. The disease can also spread on the other body parts, but it is just possible when it had a way to get in the body, such as burns and cuts.

Through this, the infection can get into the body and spread the disease. This infection can pass through the genes of a mother to her child. There are many non-sexual ways by this infection can spread.

Why your herpes may not be your partner’s faults?

Several misconceptions are spreading this day about herpes and the spreading possibilities of herpes. These misconceptions are also coming in the way of someone’s relationship and ruining their relationship because their partner has herpes, which does not have any cure. Still, if you take proper medications daily, then it will reduce your symptoms of herpes.

The symptoms of herpes can be painful for some time, and it will disturb your daily routine several times.

When you had the first outbreak of herpes in your life, and if you are in a relationship with someone, you may think that this happens because of your partner, but every time it is not your partner’s fault herpes.

You have to trust your partner and talk to them in private. It does not to be your partner’s fault that you have herpes. When you get diagnosed with herpes, you will think about your partner first, and you may feel that they didn’t tell you about their herpes condition. Sometimes maybe they also do not know about their herpes because the symptoms of their herpes are mild. It is not that serious.

Clearing the misconception

Genital herpes is spread only by the genitals touch to each other. It spread only through contact. If you had sex with the infectious person, then you will have this genital herpes. Many people hide information about their infection from their partner and cheat.

When you are in a relationship, you have to trust each other and share everything about yourself. You can’t hide these things from your partner. It is not safe for the other person.

You can only find out that you have herpes or infection from the screening or diagnosis. If you don’t get a screen for herpes, then you never find out about herpes. In some cases, people don’t know about their infection, and it just happens.

When their partner gets tested for herpes and confirmed that your partner has herpes, you also have to get tested for herpes. It happens because your partner does not know about their condition. In such cases, when your partner does not know about their infection, then they have mild symptoms of herpes.

In some cases, if your partners have herpes and you had the first outbreak of herpes, it may not be your partner’s fault because the transmission of the virus from the infected person is not constant every time. At a specific time, they can transmit the herpes virus for one night or one year.

All these times are different for every other person who has this infection. It is not constant, so if you are diagnosed with herpes, it may not be your partner’s fault. You have to make sure by the reports of how you get this infection and then plan to blame your partner.

Discuss with your partner

Discussion with your partner is an important thing you have to do when you had your first outbreak of herpes. When you are diagnosed with genital herpes and are sad and worried about your social life, you have to talk to your partner. You have to a pleasant conversation with your partner without any accusations that you cheated on me etc. You have to be specific and let them know that you are diagnosed with genital herpes. It may be right your partner unaware that they have herpes in the first place.

When you accused your partner that you had this infection, it will worsen and might break your relationship. After the discussion part, you have to take them to screen infractions and confirm that they have an infection. It will give you clarity. Therefore, when you are trying to get in a relationship, you have to have a pre-sex conversation about your sex life or sexual history. If you have herpes, you have to tell the other person about it, giving you some time to think about your sex life. You can also think about the risk that you are taking by doing sex with the infected person. Informed decisions are more satisfying than regretting ones.

Having herpes is not that serious; it is a common infection in the United States. 6 out of 10 adults have this infection, and they are doing pretty well. When you are getting into a relationship, you have to talk about your sex life and any disease that will create future problems.

See your doctor

When you had the first outbreak of herpes, then the first thing, you have to see your doctor right away. Get some advice from them and make your life easy with herpes. Herpes is not a severe disease, but living with it can be difficult. When you are starting to have the symptoms of herpes, then immediately go to the doctor. They will inform you about everything, and they will also give you some advice to live with it. Herpes has no cure, but some medication can reduce this infection’s symptoms and make your life easy.

Dating becomes challenging when a person has herpes, but this is not the end of the world or your love life. You have to be patient for the right person to come into your life. You can live with herpes happily. You have to invest faith in yourself. Look by the hope side of the relationship, a life by which you can turn your negative points into positive ones and make your life beautiful. The doctor will give you tips by which you can handle the symptoms of herpes and live with it in social places.


All the above information is essential for knowing that your herpes may not be your partner’s fault. When you had your first, you have to talk with your partner and explain them very calmly. In some cases, they may not know about their infection. You have to consider all the possibilities before you blame your partner. You have to do proper screening of herpes with your partner and then come to a conclusion. If you have herpes, this is not the end of the world, and you can try to reduce the symptoms with the help of medications.

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