Healthy Diet Plan for Faster Weight Loss


Losing weight requires you to have a plan that you can follow. Gaining weight is easy, but shedding it off may be difficult. Losing weight can take more time or lease, depending on your plan. Your diet plan must be of low carbs. Make sure you do away with alcohol, sugary stuff, and other unhealthy foods that keep on adding more kilos. After a week, you must be having good results, and after that, you should continue losing weight gradually. Below is a healthy diet plan for weight loss.

What causes of weight gain

Knowing what causes you to gain weight can be helpful as you plan your diet to lose weight. Weight gain caused by a poor lifestyle requires control to lose weight quicker. Various things make people gain weight. Change in hormones can make you gain weight. For instance, pregnant women can gain weight and shedding it off is possible if they follow a healthy diet plan after giving birth. Following a diet plan during pregnancy might be difficult; hence they might fail to control their weight gain.

Some people gain weight due to a lack of exercise. Exercising your body is one of the essential things that can help you shed off some kilos. If you do not exercise, your body may gain weight. Exercising keeps your body fit.

Junk food is another issue that causes weight gain. Junk food contains a lot of calories, and some of it is greasy and sweet. Some of it is super refined. Junk food feeds the body with toxins. Too many calories may lead to weight gain. As you plan your healthy diet, you much watch out for junk food. Make sure that you avoid it. Replace junk food with healthy snacks.

Overeating is another issue that can make you gain weight. Some people love consuming more significant portions of meals, making them gain more weight. Eating sugary things is also another factor. Some medications can make you gain weight.

Knowing about the things that make you gain weight can help you make a proper diet plan that can make you lose weight faster.

Eat low carb diet

A low carb diet consists of meals that have fewer carbohydrates. The meals will be having more proteins and fat instead of carbs. Meals with fewer carbs can make you lose weight faster. Due to low carbs in your body, fatty acids can be used as energy and thus shedding off weight. Low carbs in favor of proteins can make you feel fuller than hungry. This diet is also suitable for reducing belly fat. Proteins keep your body fit by keeping the metabolism rate at a reasonable range. Some of the foods that contain carbohydrates include potatoes, beans, corn, milk, sugary foods, and many others. You should avoid taking food that is high in carbohydrates as it may make you gain weight and affect your metabolism rate. If you eat food with carbohydrates, make sure that you are taking small portions.


  • Fat loss
  • Suppress appetite
  • Reduce glucose level
  • Normalize blood pressure
  • Reverses type 2 diabetes

Healthy fats

Weight gain caused by the fatty food that you eat. As you try to shed off some kilos, you should be careful about the type of fat that you eat. Avoid taking grease foods as they have high fat, which can be challenging to digest, thereby leading to weight gain. As you work on losing weight faster, you must not stop consuming fat. But you should consume natural and healthy fat. There are vegetables, fruits, and meats that give our bodies healthy fats, which are safe for our bodies. Avocado is a nutritious fruit that gives your natural body fats. Other natural oils that are healthy for our bodies include coconut oil, olive oil, and butter.

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  • Anti-inflammation

Plant-based diet

A plant-based diet consists of supplying the required adequate quantity of your carbs, proteins, and fats from plant-based foods. You can have a healthy balanced diet while eating plant-based meals, which also makes you healthily lose weight. The plant-based diet means that you are avoiding consuming animal products. Animal products like milk, honey, eggs, meat, and others might contain more calories, which might make you gain more weight instead of losing it. Plant-based products are useful in fiber. They keep you full for a more extended period. The plant-based diet is also helpful to those who are suffering from diabetes and heart diseases. It can keep their sugar levels and blood pressure at a reasonable rate that is not alarming or risky.


  • Suppresses hunger
  • Lower calories
  • High in fiber
  • Keeps blood pressure and sugar levels lower

Low-fat diet

To lose weight faster, you must be conscious of every food that you consume. You should limit your fat intake. Your daily fat intake must be less than 30% of the daily calories. Foods that contain fat are high in calories. High-calorie intake must stop when you are trying to lose weight faster. You must be careful about the amount of fat that you consume. Ultra low-fat diet may be useful in helping you to lose diet. Ultra low-fat diet involves eating planting based foods and limiting meat and animal foods. Eating a low-fat diet can help you lose weight faster. The low-fat diet is also useful in lowering stroke risks, heart diseases, and diabetes.


  • Low-calorie intake
  • Lowers stroke risks
  • Reduces heart diseases

Traditional and ancient foods

Eating food that was eaten by ancient people such as hunter-gatherers can help you lose weight within a short period. Long ago, people did not have advanced technology to process foods and mix them with a lot of chemicals. Natural methods preserved Their food, and the food was not laden with strong chemicals that might change the hormone balance. The ancient diet, also known as the paleo diet, promotes the consumption of seeds, lean meats, whole foods, vegetables, and fruits. Sugary foods and processed foods are some of the foods that have to be restricted to lose weight quicker.


  • Lowers heart diseases risks
  • Controls blood pressure
  • Healthy diet

Drink more water

When you aim to reduce body weight, your plan must also include water. Water is critical in your body to make you lose weight faster. You must drink at least two liters of water per day. Drink water strategically. You should drink warm water early in the morning before any food consumption helping you to flush out toxins in your body. It also assists in better digestion and metabolic activity.

You can also make it a point that you drink a glass of water at least 30 minutes before having your meal, helping you digest better and may reduce inflammation. Drinking water before meals can prepare your stomach for the next meal, and you may feel full quicker. Avoid drinking cold water. Coldwater may make it difficult to digest food compared to drinking warm water. If your digestion system is functioning well, food usually digests, and it won’t accumulate to cause more weight gain.


  • It detoxifies your body
  • Flash out toxins
  • Makes it easy to digest food
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Gives you energy
  • Suppresses appetite

Other ways


Besides having a healthy diet, exercising can be a good compliment. You must dedicate time to do some exercises. Exercising your body helps you to stay fit while shedding off new flesh and weight. An individual can do various types of exercises. You may do intense exercise or simple exercise. It all depends on your body. If you cannot do intense exercise, simple exercises like jogging, yoga, walking, and many other cardio exercises may reduce weight gain. Doing weightlifting can also be useful in weight loss. If funds permit, you can join gym classes and have a professional trainer who can assist you in doing exercises that will have a high impact on reducing your weight. When you are exercising, your body uses calories to fuel your body. Burning calories can be the right way of losing weight quickly.


  • Burn calories
  • Makes your body fit
  • Weight lose
  • Lean muscles


Following a healthy diet for faster weight loss is possible. You need to be consistent and a proper diet plan that you can follow without fail. You must follow a low card diet plan and stick to it. If you fail to follow it, you may try Custom Keto Diet.

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