How To Supercharge Muscle Growth With Workout Nutrition

Everybody these days is looking at achieving their body goals. Staying on top of the fitness game seems to be the trend not just among men but also among women. People from all age groups want to stay fit and healthy to lead a peaceful life and not fall prey to any weaknesses or illnesses. In the world of bodybuilding, there are many worlds within — you have numerous fad diets to choose from to help you either lose weight or gain weight and you also have different types of workouts that help you build that muscle mass and gain strength.

Workout Nutrition

You could be a bodybuilder or a diet guru or even a trainer who is definitely worth their salt and you all might also preach that bodybuilding is more than the 50% nutrition that it involves. Many think that just working out in the gym by lifting weights will help them gain those muscles and those muscle mass however that is certainly not true. Nutrition plays a very vital role in your bodybuilding. A normal human body is more prone to an affixed diet with different types of nutrients. However, when you are into bodybuilding and you are doing those heavy workouts, you tend to push your body off the normal body’s comfort zone. And this pushing of your body outside the comfort zone certainly requires additional nutrition or additional supplements to support the activity that it is doing. And providing all of these extra essential nutrients will yield positive results by not just supporting your body’s energy levels but also supporting the internal functioning of your body organs.

And we get it for beginners or novice people it is difficult to understand nutrition and what exactly needs to be taken to support muscle gain. This is where we step in and we have boiled down some nutrition basics and rules of supplement that every beginner needs to learn and maintain going forward. If you follow the rules that we are saying and stick to your workout program, then soon the beginner level will no longer be on you and you will rise like a champ.

6 rules of nutrition to look at while building your muscle

  1. Focus on your protein: always remember that you need to consume 1 g of protein for every pound of bodyweight on an everyday basis and mind you this is the least requirement. Protein is known to provide amino acids that act as building blocks for your muscles. Although the recommended allowance of protein if every day is less than half a gram per pound of bodyweight that a typical person lives, research says that in the case of athletes, especially the ones who are into strength and muscle mass they need to double that amount. When you are training rapidly and you are also a beginner then getting about say 1.5 g of protein for every pound of body weight per day at least for the first six months of you working out will help your muscles respond faster to your training. Coming to your protein choices — they could be lean animal proteins, for example, beef, eggs, fish, chicken, turkey, dairy. These can definitely be considered as complete protein sources, this simply translates that they will help provide all the essential amino acids that are required by your body and which your body cannot manufacture on its own.
  2. You need to carb up: for every pound of bodyweight that you lift each day, you need to consume at least 2 to 3 g of carbohydrates. Protein is very critical for your muscle growth as a macronutrient but when eaten along with carbohydrates it makes for a good combo. Carbohydrates are the second most critical micronutrient you need for your muscle growth. Carbs are said to be stored in our muscles as glycogen. Both carbohydrates and proteins keep our muscles large and full and also act as fuel during workouts. Coming to the examples of carbohydrates — it is better to stick with slow-digesting carbohydrates sources, for example, oatmeal, beans, sweet potatoes, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.
  3. Don’t say no to fat: in the world of nutrition, most people believe that at least 20 to 30% of your total calories every single day need to come from your fat. And unlike the ones who follow a very sedentary lifestyle and are asked to eliminate saturated fat intake, one needs to include 5 to 10% of fat calories from the saturated fat because only then it will help to maintain your testosterone levels better. When you’re working out it is very critical to maintaining optimal levels of testosterone. This acts as a bad amount for building strength and muscle mass and avoids any fat gain even when you’re consuming fat. Coming to the examples of such facts, choosing red meat, for example, steak or ground brief to ensure the saturated fat intake is good. Otherwise, mixed nuts, Olive oil, avocados, and peanut butter for that monounsaturated fats are good!
  4. Make those calories count: In order to build muscles, one needs to consume at least 20 cal for every pound of body weight each day. As per, it is very important to remember that you try and maintain a positive balance when it comes to calories in order to gain only quality mass. If you end up burning more calories than what you are consuming, then it will result in a negative calorie balance and your body might go into a conservation mode and will not support the new muscle growth. This is exactly why you need to consume roughly 3600 cal each day if you are a person who falls under the 180-pound category. When we see calories, 20 to 30% needs to come from protein, 40 to 60% needs to come from your carbohydrates, and 20 to 30% needs to come from fat.
  5. You need to eat frequently: Eating meals frequently and each of these males containing quality carbs and proteins ensures a steady energy supply and amino acids for your muscle growth throughout the day. It will help you gain muscle as well as keep you lean. The key is to eat something every 2 to 3 hours and ensure that the size of each of these males is approximately the same.
  6. Always remember to shake that up: it could be post-workout or pre-workout, but getting at least 20 g of protein in the form of a protein Shake is definitely a good idea to maintain your muscle mass. Protein shakes are a thing these days and there is a reason there is so much hype around it. Protein shakes are nothing but supplements and bodybuilders would like to look at protein shakes as an important means that needs to be consumed two times during the day whenever you work out. It is always recommended to consume a protein shake just 30 minutes before your workout — this helps prepare your muscles for the grueling training session and gives a good Headstart for muscle recovery as well.

There is certainly no need for you to go on a hunger tired or abandon all your food in order to get in shape and gain those muscles. By following the above-mentioned simple nutrition rules, you will definitely build your muscle faster.

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