The Connection Between Weight Loss And Hair Loss

Weight loss and hair loss are connected. There were many instances where weight loss had resulted in hair loss. Weight loss has to be gradual for good health. If there is sudden weight loss, it can harm the body and result in hair loss. People who have lost weight unknowingly have reported having hair loss as well. When there is an internal imbalance due to stress, over dieting, nutritional deficiency, etc., hair loss is a chance. Improper diet habits can cause problems in the overall health of the person. It is important to take protein-rich food at the time of dieting, reduce hair loss, and is good for overall health.

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Telogen Effluvium

Telogen effluvium is the condition to describe the situation of hair loss after weight loss. Changes in body weight cause stress, which eventually results in hair loss. Hence recommended shedding mass bodyweight slowly and over some time. Gradual weight loss will not harm the body and is good if one is obese, certainly not with sudden weight loss. Hair loss can also happen after weight loss surgery. Telogen effluvium is commonly seen after weight-loss operations. In this situation, the hair loss lasts for an average of six months. In people with Telogen effluvium, 30% of hair is lost.

Does sudden weight loss cause hair loss?

First of all, lack of nutrition and protein can result in hair loss, happens because the hair is deprived of iron elements and food, and eventually falls. It is imperative to set a healthy diet in the first place. So, it is obvious that sudden weight loss causes hair loss. Intake of protein, fish, spinach, red meat, etc. is some of the food that can be taken to prevent hair loss while dieting. Vitamin C, vitamin A, Vitamin E, iron, zinc are all great supplements to prevent hair loss. Sudden weight loss weakens the body and also the hair tissues. The hair becomes weak, and it falls. Weight loss diets have to be planned carefully and prudently.

Hair loss can also occur due to surgeries or chronic diseases. These diseases weaken the body, and it results in hair loss. Treatment of cancer is found to reduce the hair. Continuous stress reduces body weight, and it causes hair loss. When becoming old, people tend to lose weight, and hair loss is also a common thing. Hence through understanding, we clear that sudden weight loss causes hair loss.

Hair loss after weight loss – Why and what to do!

When the goal is to lose body mass weight, people are ready to try almost anything. Rigorous workouts to lengthy dieting are common. With the modern trend of losing weight with celebrities, there is no shortage of scope. But the fact is that our body needs enough vitamins and proteins to remain healthy and strong.

Our body needs to function properly, and there is a routine system inside the body that keeps every organ functioning properly. The sudden changes to these organs are very harmful to the body. When a person loses weight fast, the body becomes weak and cannot resist foreign bodies entering into the body. Thus, the body becomes weak, eventually causes the hair to lose. The hair is deprived of the strength to stand and falls.

There are many ways to reduce weight systematically and organically, good if a person is overweight and wants to reduce weight. This type of weight reduction does not cause any problem to the body and hair. Here there are no consequences and no hair loss. Our body needs a minimum weight, and when it goes below the minimum requirements, there can be after-effects.

A proper lifestyle is very important to overcome obese problems and hair loss problems. Hair loss with weight loss is common in both men and women. When one starts taking fewer nutrients, the body takes this nutrient and gives it to the most important parts and not to hair tissues. So, the hair becomes weak and fragile and start falling.

The reality of weight loss and hair loss

Our hair is a protein made, and hence it is important to eat proteins for healthy hair. Lack of protein causes weight loss, and it also makes the hair fall. Many people diet avoiding proteins completely. The body does not consider hair as an important member. If you take no protein or very little protein, it is transmitted to vital areas of the body to regulate the body’s proper functioning. The hair, considered a less important part starts to show the consequences, which is the ultimate reality of weight loss and hair loss. This situation of hair loss is termed as Telogen Effluvium.

Can hair loss be rectified after weight gain?

The answer is yes. Hair loss due to weight loss is only a temporary phenomenon, and hair loss can be regained with proper eating habits and care. As the body weight increases, the supply of proteins and nutrients increases in the hair cells, making the hair strong, and the hair starts to grow. But this should not be taken as an excuse. It is imperative to exhibit a good healthy lifestyle and health and nourish our body needs. Sudden weight loss has other consequences also. So, one must follow proper practices throughout life. It is always better to maintain a steady balance and not go to both overweight and low weight extremes.

Many health conditions, diseases, or disorders are avoidable when a healthy food schedule is adapted. Watch for the body mass and the changes it brings in the bodyweight periodically. Make appropriate corrections and changes. Never overdo anything. Best to recommend a stop or not using any weight loss medicines from the shop, often linked to the hair loss as a part of its side effect.

The natural and organic method is the best way to handle yourself. Avoid stress and anxiety, and this will give strength to your body and keep the hair strong. The answer is yes to whether hair loss can be rectified after weight gain, but one need not allow weight to reduce abruptly.


Weight loss and hair loss are very much connected. Weight loss can result in hair loss. The situation is called Telogen Effluvium. When a person loses weight suddenly, it affects the body, and the body becomes weak. The body gains all the proteins to important parts, and the hair is deprived of proteins, which makes the hair fall.

Hence have a proper diet and balanced life is a “must” for better-living health. Although hair loss can be regained with adequate protein intake and vitamins, there are other consequences for sudden weight loss. A life free of stress and anxiety is the best medicine to keep your body healthy and prevent hair loss. Weight loss and hair loss are interconnected, and it is up to each of us to make the correct decision for the future.


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