7 Best Foods For A Healthy Liver

Did you know that liver is the second largest organ of our human body? The liver is a powerhouse organ that functions non-stop. It helps out in almost all of our body functions like detoxification, protein synthesis, glycogen storage, hormone secretion, bile production, decomposition of red blood cells, and even in the digestion process by … Read more

Is CBD Oil for Lupus Safe or Effective?

CBD oil has fast become the trend to treat ailments and seizures, involving inflammation and pain. So far, there is no conclusive evidence to support the fact that CBD Oil is safe for Lupus treatment, but researchers are working hard to find evidence and there are ongoing studies for the same. Since the usage of … Read more

Are Digestive Biscuits Good For Health?

The food industry is redefining itself with an increasing number of people joining the health revolution. But not everything sold to you under the pretext of health is always what they say it is. The food items you buy from the local stores still have the nutritional value written at the back of the pack. … Read more

Weight Loss: How Meal Timing Affects Results

Nowadays, personal lifestyle changes with the habits of doing our daily. Sometimes these changes may lead to significant changes in body health. In a busy day-to-day schedule, humans can’t keep track of what they eat or what they can cause add on unnecessary weight or excess weight in the body, which may disturb out a … Read more

How to Let Your Partner Know You Are Not in the Mood?

In any kind of couple love relationship, sexual intimacy and emotional connection are related to one another dynamically. When there is any kind of disturbance in one attribute, there is turmoil in the relationship. It has been seen that for some people emotional connection makes way for sexual bonding and for others, sexual attachments help … Read more

Erectile Dysfunction – 5 Tips When Pills Don’t Work

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Human needs sex just as they need to sleep at night. Sex is one of the requirements of the human body. Human existence on earth depends on sex. The reproductive function of humans is based on sex. Human produces children through sex. In this way, they advance their lineage. A man needs … Read more