From Diet To Drugs: Treating Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus is a complex and chronic medical condition in which glucose accumulates in your bloodstream. This excess glucose (or sugar) levels prevent the pancreas from secreting sufficient amounts of insulin to move glucose from your bloodstream into your cells. In simple terms, when you have type 2 diabetes, your body’s cells become insulin resistant … Read more

Are Peanuts Good for Weight Loss?

You may have heard that you should not eat peanuts and different types of nuts when you are trying to lose weight. But, this is not the real truth. In fact, the opposite is true. Peanuts can be helpful in weight loss. Peanuts are one of the tastiest legumes, and most people like to include … Read more

10 Ways To Increase Your Protein Intake

In the past decade, we have seen a rise in awareness among people about healthy eating and leading a healthy lifestyle. We have seen gyms and fitness centers spring up in almost every other street in our vicinity, isn’t it? Everybody seems to have stepped on this journey of weight loss to get fitter and … Read more

Why Your Herpes May Not Be Your Partner’s Fault

What is herpes? Herpes is the most common infection present in your body for a lifetime and will sore your genitals and mouth. It does not give you any serious health problems. Herpes will be annoying and painful somehow, but it is not severe compared to other infections. Herpes has two types, which are oral … Read more

How Long Does BlueChew Last?

There are many different erectile dysfunction medications available in the market. Most of which will require you to visit a doctor and get a prescription that can take at least a few days. There are other products that you can buy online without the need for a prescription, but they can have serious side effects, … Read more

The Best Breakfasts If You Have Diabetes

Each one of us is taught right from childhood that breakfast is the first and the most important meal of the day. Yet we have turned breakfast into one of the most neglected meals of the day today. And honestly, there is no surprise in this as during mornings most of us are rushing out … Read more

How Peyronie’s Disease Is Diagnosed

Just as people require food, shelter, financial stability, and peace of mind to stay happy and content, so do they need a healthy sexual routine with their partners to sustain happiness. Any form of disability arising from physical aspects can be a cause for concern, especially in men, and can affect one’s mental health as … Read more

Is Macular Degeneration Hereditary?

Just as age adversely affects our outward, youthful appearance so does it affect the functioning of our organs and body parts. A general feeling of lethargy and tiredness takes over us and we notice how certain organs giveaway our age – one of them being our eyes. Come 40 and our vision diminishes, often getting … Read more

Does a Mental Health Condition Cause Your Anxiety?

Anxiety the emotional feeling of being stay put with a worry or fear of something, a sense of concern for something or fear of something wrong might happen or feel uneasy about something. Anxiety is a mental state condition where people think somewhat fear or worry or stay tense about something. Anxiousness may arise from different … Read more

Biotox Gold Review 

Obesity causes much harm in many people as it increases the risk of severe health disorders like heart attack and kidney failure. The combined effect of all of these can simply lead to poor health quality and reduced physical activity in individuals. As our communities have largely moved to sedentary work styles and fast foods, … Read more